20% Batch Cycle Time Reduction

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Customer’s Situation

A manufacturing company was manually entering production data into their systems, which was time-consuming and error-prone. This led to continuous occupancy of operators in process activities, low productivity, longer issue resolution time, and increased costs.

Our Solution

Our team of experts identified the cause and offered a re-designed automation system by applying the ISA-88 Batch Control Standard which is a recipe-based automatic step sequencing with system-loaded set points. Its powerful and user-friendly interface and pinpointed guidance for process issues resolution made a huge difference.


The recipe-driven step sequencing eliminated all manual interventions & errors. With this, the operators were able to give more time to upstream & downstream process operations.

Along with this, there was a Batch Cycle Time Reduction of 40-60 minutes per 10-hour batch- which leads to 1 extra batch per 40 batches. This increased productivity by 2.5% and process downtime was reduced by 15%.


Then we are the automation solution provider that you are looking for.