Story-DCS, VFD & IMCC System in Chemical Industry with ISA 88 Batch Solution.


India’s leading contract manufacturer and large-scale producer of Intermediates, Active Ingredients (Agro), and Speciality Chemicals. And has customers in 50+ countries including top-10 chemical companies in the world. Among so many challenges the most highlighted ones were; Commissioning challenges due to COVID, 3rd Party IO was approved for remote IOs, Rockwell Automation’s DCS was not approved, Thin Client requirement for field operation, Huge network infrastructure to build communication for, Special C3C coating required, Targeted commercial production schedule.


Our project boasts a robust system with 2000 IOs, and a modern PlantPAx DCS with premier integration, having 20+ 1719 Zone 2 Remote IO Panels in the field. We seamlessly integrated 250 IMCC systems equipped with PF700 and E300 into a centralized framework, employing a Client/Server Architecture with Thin Clients in the field. Our adherence to the ISA-88 Batch Control Standard ensures precise control over multiple reactors, all aimed at producing a single high-quality product.

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The Impact We Create

Our Solutions offered a modern PlantPAx DCS with premier integration along with a robust system of 2000 IOs

Servilink’s innovative approach, featuring premier integration and advanced technology, reshaped the operations for better.


Space Saving

Compared to Traditional IOs


Time Reduced

In Commissioning


Asset Utilization


Increase in

Proactive Approach


The challenges included accommodating a massive network infrastructure, commissioning challenges due to COVID-19, and the need for special C3C coating.

Thin clients in the field play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and remote access to the control system.

We employed Integrated Motor Control Centres (IMCC) to optimize space utilization and monitor product batch and energy consumption.

The ISA-88 Batch Control Standard ensured precise control over multiple reactors, enhancing the production of a single high-quality product.

Premier Integration streamlined the DCS (Distributed Control System) inquiry process, demonstrating the system's benefits and suitability.

The approval of 3rd party IOs for Remote IOs highlighted the project's flexibility and adaptability.

Installing the largest Zone-2 IOs in India allowed for panel placement near the process area, enhancing operational efficiency.

The project adhered to target commercial production schedules, ensuring timely and efficient operations.

It improved remote access, flexibility, and real-time control, streamlining plant operations.

Seamless integration of the various systems significantly expedited the commissioning process, resulting in a 30% reduction in time.



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