Digital Transformation in Action 2023 - Syinfo Powered by Servilink

Syinfo- Powered by Servilink organized a Digital Transformation in Action event in the heart of Gujarat’s Industrial hub- Bharuch on 11th October 2023. The event invited our partners who are world leaders in Digital Transformation both in India and abroad.

The event attracted decision makers from different industries where they had knowledge sharing and amazing interactive sessions with solution providers like Stratus- Edge Computing, Claroty- OT Security, TrendMiner- Process Analytics, Inovar- AI/ML and Cloud Transformation, MCPM- Alarm Management, Robonetics- Robotics Solutions, and Syinfo- eLogbook, Dashboard, and EMS.

Our technology partners and the attendees were all excited and in sync with the event theme and had a lot to take from elite panelists who are industry leaders and torchbearers in the field of Digital Transformation. The Q&A session with the panelists was the highlight as attendees got their doubts solved and gained more in-depth knowledge about current trends in the world of Digital Transformation.

But what stole the show was the booth setup for our technology partners where everyone wanted to be and gain as much insight as they could about OT Security, Edge Computing, Process Analytics, and more. The one-to-one interaction between the partners and visitors was something that everyone was looking for and that was a differentiating factor of our event.

Servilink is proud to have hosted such an event that was appreciated by our partners and visitors for the kind of set-up and sessions that were held. We are looking to have more such events that will further boost knowledge and importance of how Digital Transformation has not just penetrated the Industry 4.0 revolution but is the means for every industry to grow and stay ahead of the competition.


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