Remote Monitoring Solutions for Business Continuity and Enhanced Security in Challenging Times.


The pandemic’s impact on plant operations, with workforce shortages and remote work, highlighted the critical need for monitoring. Neglecting proper monitoring could lead to production losses, quality issues, downtime, and even facility accidents. Implementing remote monitoring requires expertise in control systems and a strong focus on security, following standards like IEC 62443 to mitigate data breach and malware threats.

This approach is applicable across various industries, enhancing efficiency, and reducing errors through real-time data access, as exemplified by the utilization of Ewon modules for improved production targets and resource utilization.

Benefits of Services

A black box solution empowers remote plant control and monitoring for stakeholders, ensuring secure operations in alignment with IEC 62443 standards. Role-based content delivery facilitates the dissemination of pertinent data to the right individuals. The utilization of Ewon modules enables real-time access, enhancing monitoring capabilities and data availability.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions for Business Continuity & Enhanced Security in Challenging Times

Our solutions lead to real-time access of data, enhanced monitoring capabilities and data availability and this led to efficient decision making in real time and enhanced output overall.


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Common Questions

The pandemic created a shortage of manpower and the need for remote work, impacting plant operations significantly.

Remote monitoring helps avoid quality issues, production losses, downtime, and even facility accidents by ensuring proper control.

Implementing remote monitoring requires expertise in control systems and security aspects, especially when dealing with the increased threat of data breaches and malware attacks.

Compliance with standards such as IEC 62443 is crucial to ensure the security of remote monitoring systems.

No, remote monitoring can be applied to various industries and processes, including Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

Benefits include increased uptime, lower total cost of ownership, enhanced mobility, and user-specific content delivery.

The black box solution enables stakeholders to control and monitor the plant remotely, ensuring operational continuity.

Remote monitoring provides live data of equipment for operators, reducing the chances of errors and enabling quick response to any malfunctioning or faults. This proactive approach enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime.

Implementation results in increased uptime, reduced costs, improved mobility, user-tailored content delivery, and predictive alerts for control devices.

Challenges included the storage of manpower, remote IT infrastructure risks, lack of monitoring during faults, and the need for uniformity in control system platforms.



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