Non-Contact Infrared Thermal Solutions

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Industrial Needs

Every industrial environment needs to ensure these things wiz; Safety, Efficiency, Quality, and Compliance. To ensure this we have partnered with global giants’ like- ‘Fluke Process Instruments’ and ‘Teledyne FLIR’ to get access to the latest technology and integrate it with our customized solutions as per customers’ requirements.

Fluke Process Instrumentation

Designed for the harshest industrial environment for Monitoring, Imaging, and Profiling, which then combined with our customized solution for your specific requirement, results in optimum output.

Teledyne FLIR

Brings innovative sensing solutions through thermal imaging, video analytics, advanced threat detections, and more. FLIR thermal cameras can measure temperatures from -20 to 2000 degrees Celsius with a resolution of up to 7,86,432 pixels. The cameras are robust & can withstand harsh environments and gives an accuracy of up to 2 degrees Celsius. The MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology gives detailed images by combining thermal images with visible light. It is easy to use with built-in laser-assisted focus and the FLIR Ignite Cloud storage allows you to store & share images and videos.

It has a wide range of applications such as Solar, Electronics, Oil & Gas, R&D, Medical, Surveillance, Construction, Sports, QA, and much more.


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