OT Security

Now secure your cyber-physical systems with Claroty by achieving unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection across the Extended IoT (XIoT) – OT, IoT, BMS, IoMT and more – in your environment.
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Servilink & Claroty

Servilink Systems Ltd., has partnered with Claroty to provide top-notch OT Security Solutions in the industrial environment. Together we are providing solutions that meet the needs of today’s complex environment and help you in keeping your plant safe.

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Achieving Cyber Resilience

  • Asset Discovery

    Get an unmatched visibility in an industrial environment in real time in minutes, supporting assets discovery, audit and compliance.

  • Vulnerability & Risk Management

    Identify vulnerabilities in the operational network and prioritize risk remediation efforts to enable continuous security posture management and compliance.

  • Network Protection

    Network segmentation through tailored recommendations and access controls to enable a 'Zero Trust' architecture in your operational environment.

  • Continuous Threat Detection

    Detects threats and integrates with existing SOC solutions to mitigate cyber attacks before they can impact operations and cause any damage.

All Things About Claroty

The current Operational Challenges that our solution works upon are slow remote access to critical assets, firewall complexity and change management challenges, and Onsite safety risk and costly requirements. Our solutions are not just limited to these operational challenges but these are some most enquired ones.
We offer 360 degree solutions to security challenges but to highlight a few- Session visibility and control issues impacting uptime and safety, Complete asset visibility, and Difficulty enforcing 'Zero Trust' architecture and minimizing risk.
Claroty's OT Security solutions detects and stops advanced attacks, and protects critical infrastructure. Along with this it is also scalable, flexible and reliable that meets the needs of today's complex environment.
Servilink Systems and Claroty together are spearheading the OT Security Solutions for their customers and we have successfully shortened maintenance windows, enhanced administrative use and control, minimized OT attack surface, continuous threat detection and response, and end-to-end remote incident response.
xDome- It is a Sass-based commercial cybersecurity platform that scales to protect your facilities, address your use cases and fulfill your goals. CTD- Continuous Threat Detection is a robust solution that delivers most extensive cybersecurity controls for your OT environments. SRA- Secure Remote Access delivers frictionless, reliable, and secure remote access for internal and third party personnel. Edge- It provides an unmatched visibility in real time into OT Environment in minutes with no additional hardware, no configuration and no risk of disruption.



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