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Our comprehensive range includes Boiler & Turbine Control, Coal & Ash Handling, Burner Management, Turbine Protection, Lignite Handling, Switch Yard Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and Load Management, these solutions have helped our clients in so many ways.

Benefits of Services

Leveraging advanced technologies such as PLCs, SCADA, IoT sensors, and sophisticated control algorithms, our solutions cater to the diverse needs of energy production. As industry leaders, we navigate the challenges of integration complexity, safety regulations, and environmental concerns, ensuring seamless adoption and compliance.

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The Impact We Create

Our solutions led to Enhanced Safety, Increased Operational Excellence, and Optimized Process

Along with this adhering to environmental regulations compliance was ensured too, which is one of the outstanding milestones of the project


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Data-Driven Decisions


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Compliance with Environmental Regulations


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Plant Efficiency

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Common Questions

Our system utilizes advanced sensors and protective relays for real-time monitoring and immediate response to turbine anomalies.

Yes, our solutions are scalable and adaptable to diverse power production setups.

Automated handling and processing of lignite ensure a steady supply for energy generation, optimizing production.

IoT sensors collect real-time data, enabling energy monitoring and consumption analysis for optimization.

Our system utilizes intelligent flame detection and control logic to ensure safe and efficient combustion in industrial burners.

Yes, our systems are designed for seamless integration, minimizing disruptions during implementation.

Load forecasting algorithms and demand response systems ensure intelligent load distribution, optimizing energy utilization.

Stringent safety protocols and control mechanisms are in place to adhere to safety standards in burner operations.

Yes, our solutions integrate eco-friendly technologies to balance energy production with environmental concerns.

We leverage our expertise to customize solutions, harmonizing diverse automation systems for seamless plant integration.



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