Process Analysis

Servilink Systems Ltd. and TrendMiner are here together to empower process and asset experts with advanced analytics to Analyze, Monitor, and Predict the operational performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes.
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Servilink & TrendMiner

Servilink Systems Ltd., has partnered with TrendMiner that brings industrial analysis to your fingertips. TremdMiner- a self-service industrial analytics is an intuitive, web-based application that provides immediate insights into decades of time-series data and has features such as- Search process data as easily as you do a Google search, Analyze operational performance without data modeling, and finding root causes fast and create early warnings.

Let's Be Great Together

The TrendMiner Features

  • Visualize

    For operational storytelling and fast decision making by investigating process anomalies, production losses or equipment inefficiencies.

  • Analyze

    To find root causes fast, to easily access problem impact, share analysis, create a rich knowledge base, and avoid deviating behaviors in the future.

  • Monitor

    To get early warnings and optimize performance 24*7 by getting automatic alerts and leverage analysis results for reporting and future diagnostics.

  • Predict

    Forecast future process performance by comparing historical and live data, understand how far the process has evolved to predict its continuity and setting up alerts.

  • Contextualize

    To continuously improve performance and make data-driven decisions. Leverage captured data from Batch, LIMS, MMS or OEE systems.

All Things About TrendMiner

Data modeling takes a lot of time and it's a huge project with limited ROI. Each data model follows the same steps from gathering, preparation, training and more. Data scientists lack understanding of everyday user processes, creating a knowledge gap.
Why did the equipment fail? Is yield lower than expected? Aren't products meeting quality standards? These are some of the basic questions to which timely answers are really important, to protect revenue and boost productivity.
Improve availability by eliminating unplanned downtime. Guarantee quality by learning 'Golden Batch' profiles. Limit maintenance costs with asset health monitoring. Boost operations through situational awareness and resource efficiency. Optimize performance with actionable insights into unusual situations. Reduce energy costs by optimizing efficiency. Enhance safety by eliminating failures. Minimize waste by controlling losses.



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