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The automation industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace and robotics is one branch that has helped in accelerating that pace. With our industry-leading services in robotics & AI solutions, we empower businesses to enhance productivity, reduce cost, and ensure safety through customized automation systems.

From manufacturing to logistics, our end-to-end solution optimizes processes, improving ROI and efficiency. In association with our technology partner Robonetics Automation Solution, we offer solutions for Robot Applications, Conveyors, Machine Vision, and Training.

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Solutions We Offer

  • Robot Application:

    Industrial robots excel in repetitive tasks like machine tending, welding, and milling. With advanced sensors, they now operate efficiently in less controlled environments, including collaborative environments.

  • Conveyors:

    Conveyor systems are efficient material transport mechanisms, typically comprising a frame of rollers, wheels, or a belt, facilitating seamless movement from one point to another.

  • Machine Vision:

    It employs imaging for automated inspection, process control, and robotic guidance in an industrial setting, enhancing efficiency and precision.

  • Training:

    It helps in enhancing skills, knowledge, and competence to boost capability, productivity, and performance, aligning with specific goals for skill development and overall improvement.

Warehouse Automation

Now eliminate the need to manually analyze and re-slot the inventory.

They are both cost-effective, user-friendly, and mobile robots used to transport goods in factories. Different types of sizes and payloads can be chosen to fit in different applications.

Magnetic AGV Types: Zalpha MG, Suki MG, Titan MG

Laser AGV Types: Zalpha TS, Qube TS

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) detect their environment and adapt accordingly. They are easy to install, flexible, safe, and low-cost to operate & maintain. It offers flexible transport within the warehouse and opens up expanses of space typically consumed by conveyors.

Based on the SLAM algorithm, the forklift robot needs no reflector, supports fast map scanning, and is easy to deploy. It can identify the display boards, make accurate forking, and enhance efficiency. It can be customized as per requirement.

All we need to do is select a charging point for the AMR and Zalpha CH01’s side docking auto charging allows the AMR to dock and recharge automatically when the battery is low.

Collaborative Robots (CoBots), a move towards high precision applications, and the rise of the Internet of Robot Things (IoRT). CoBots improve efficiency, safety, and flexibility in industries by collaborating with humans, streamlining tasks, and enhancing productivity.



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