Synfo eLogbook

Charting new paths in Data Logging and a lot more in the world of digital transformation with Syinfo eLogbook
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Synfo eLogbook

It sounds like the days of history when people used pen and paper to write down things. In this fast paced environment we need something that is not only digitalised but also enhances productivity and provides security in an industrial environment. Our Syinfo eLogbook is accessible on web and android applications from screens of any size and anywhere!

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Why Syinfo eLogbook

  • Increases Efficiency

    It saves time & improves efficiency by automating the tasks of maintaining a paper-based logbook. It automatically generates reports, tracks changes to data, and sends alerts. It also directly syncs with your centralized control system for better process control.

  • Improves Accuracy

    It helps to improve the accuracy of data by reducing the risk of human error. Also, eLogbook checks for errors automatically in data entry and prevents users from making any unauthorized changes to data.

  • Enhances Security

    eLogbook improves security of data by providing access controls and audit trails. It can restrict access to data to an unautorized user and track who has accessed and modified any data.

  • Improves Collaboration

    Get improved collaboration with Syinfo eLogbook by making data more accessible to users across an organization. It allows users to share data with each other, comment on data, and collaborate on reports. Real-time control and dairy process optimization to reduce cost and increase production.

What Sets Syinfo eLogbook Apart

Along with so many features and benefits with Syinfo eLogbook you get 'Speech to Text' feature, a Stylus (i.e tablet pen) for better usage, and also you can type in Hindi language.
With Syinfo eLogbook you can access from any device and location at any given time, with customized form style and log type. It connects automatically with a centralized control system.
This is one of the most important and distinguished features of Syinfo eLogbook that you can make your own customized logbook completely paperless and that too offline. Yes! you heard it right, it does work offline.
Especially designed and curated by our team of experts Syinfo eLogbook you can instantly and securely access data with just a few clicks also, the data is legible and defendable that is free from errors.
With Syinfo eLogbook you enable alert notification and additionally you also get GPS, RFID, NIC connectivity.



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