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Story-DCS, VFD & IMCC System in Chemical Industry with ISA 88 Batch Solution.


Our client is a leading name in water treatment and environmental management with their state-of-the-art unit spread across 5 states in India and UAE. They required an innovative control system from expansion in their cation plant. Our solutions Rockwell’s Plant PAx and Thin Manager, allowed seamless integration and control of their existing Emerson DCS, eliminating the need for costly licenses and hardware.

It ensured scalability, virtualization, and cybersecurity, reducing the overall ownership costs without impacting production or quality.

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Our solution entailed combining DCS with Thin Manager technology, offering scalability and modular architectures tailored to precise needs. We seamlessly virtualized the existing DCS without process disruption, incorporating Premier Integration functionalities for electrical components, optimizing control system efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

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Ensured Scalability, Virtualization and Cybersecurity without impacting production or quality

The seamless integration by our experts using Rockwell’s Plant PAx and Thinmanager with the existing DCS made some remarkable difference and exceeded beyond the desired output.


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On Proprietary Systems


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Cyber Safety



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Common Questions

The primary challenge was to connect a new expansion in the cation plant with the existing control system, which included various DCS from different manufacturers.

We proposed a solution that amalgamated Rockwell's PlantPAx and Thin Manager technology to reduce dependency on proprietary communication, saving costs and enhancing system flexibility.

Seamless integration with electrical systems is vital for ensuring overall control system efficiency and performance.

Virtualization allowed the client to view and control the Emerson DCS without process intervention, reducing dependency on proprietary communication and associated costs.

Challenges included the supply of a modern DCS with the latest functionalities, backward integration, scalability expectation, dealing with proprietary communication protocols, and a dependency on DCS vendors for modifications.

Scalability was achieved through modular architectures tailored to exact requirements, allowing for flexible expansion.

The project reduced overall cost of ownership by diminishing the dependency on proprietary communication, saving on licenses and additional hardware costs.

Premier Integration ensured efficient control and management of electrical components, enhancing overall system performance.

The project's implementation had no adverse implications on production and quality, maintaining operational excellence while reducing costs.

Thin Manager technology allowed for the virtualization of the existing DCS without process interruption, reducing costs associated with proprietary controls and ensuring cybersecurity, all while maintaining production and quality standards.




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