Basic Needs Of Cyber-Security in Manufacturing

As a leading Agrochemical manufacturer with over 15 global manufacturing units, their organi- zation operates with a significant OT install base, generating a large volume of data. Hence securing the IT/OT network is crucial, especially with aggressive expansion plans.

To address these challenges, our initial focus was on evaluating existing architectures and install bases for security vulnerabilities. Traditional security approaches often fall short in mitigating newer threats, compounded by the complexity of ageing infrastructure with proprietary net- works. Breaking the system into zones and defining necessary conduits was essential.

Implementing basic cybersecurity measures has been instrumental in safeguarding operations. This approach provides comprehensive digital protection against potential threats, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and preventing the need for workstation replacements. For businesses seeking robust IT security solutions, a comprehensive package is essential. Our security suite includes firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, wireless security, and online content filtra-tion, offering a layered security approach. With a wide range of cybersecurity services, we are committed to providing diverse features and solutions tailored to ensure optimum security across your business.




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