ISA 88 Batch Solution using Virtualization Technology

As a leading global polyurethanes manufacturer, the company has a strong presence in the market, with multiple established plants in India and plans for further expansion. The manufac- turing facilities utilize multiple reactors to produce a diverse range of products, making the entire process complex yet critical to our operations.

To meet the challenges of optimizing hardware complexity & ensuring ISA 88 batch compliance, we sought a solution that could streamline operations and enhance efficiency. The requirement involved 2 key aspects: firstly, the optimization of hardware maintenance through virtualization technology, and secondly, the implementation of batch process compliance using the RA LBSM solution.

The proposed solution was a controller-based batch solution aligned with the ISA 88 standard. This approach involved a thorough analysis of the entire process, which was then segmented into physical, process, and procedural models. Leveraging the RA phase manager, we simplified execution and achieved compliance with industry standards.

By implementing the LBSM solution, we empowered our client with flexible recipe manage- ment, equipment sequencing, & reduced manual intervention. This led to a significant reduction in batch cycle times, improved equipment utilization, and enhanced batch reporting and visual-ization capabilities.




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